Sick Notes

It is not necessary to obtain a sick note (now called a “fit note”) from a Doctor unless you have been absent from work for more than 5 days i.e. one working week.

Once you have been off sick for more than 1 week you can obtain a sick note (now called a “fit note”) from your general practitioner.

If you have been in hospital a sick note (“fit note”) may be issued by the Hospital Doctor.  If the sick/fit note needs to be extended then your general practitioner will be able to issue a sick/fit note from the report that he receives from the hospital.  You may be able to organise this over the telephone.

Under certain circumstances sick/fit notes can be backdated at your general practitioner’s discretion.

More information can be found on the website.

Private sick notes

Sick/Fit notes from the doctor are for statutory sick pay purposes for those in employment and are normally provided free of charge following an absence from work of more than 7 days. If you require a private certificate or you have not been absent from work for the required 7 days then there is a charge of £25.00. Detailed letters to employers or to third parties can be provided with charges starting at £50.00.

Insurance forms, private health care forms and other claim forms covering sickness can be completed by your doctor.  They should be left with the receptionist who will ring when the form is ready to collect.  The charge for each form is £27.50.  Please ensure you have completed all your parts of the form including the declaration before giving the form to the receptionist or the Doctor will not be able to complete your form.  Please be aware that it will take up to 2 weeks for the form to be completed by your Doctor.

Last modified: February 13, 2019