ADHD Prescribing Information

The practice will only prescribe ADHD medication for a patient (under a NHS or private specialist) where: 

  • a clear diagnosis has been made; 
  • appropriate pretreatment checks have occurred;
  • the patient is stable on medication initiated by a specialist;
  • regular physical and review checks are attended; 
  • and a shared care agreement is in place.

Our full practice policy can be found here.

Private Treatment

There are an increasing number of patients being referred for assessment and being diagnosed with ADHD. This has resulted in increasing NHS waiting lists and patients considering a private assessment.

The practice has no opinion on the use of private services, but it is very important that patients are aware of the potential costs of private services and that they may be well in excess of the cost of the assessment.

If you are diagnosed with ADHD privately, any treatment required must be started by a specialist and continued by them for at least 3 months (until you are on a stable dose). The specialist must also arrange physical health checks (including a full cardiovascular exam) before starting medication. The practice is not able to provide these physical health checks. An annual review must also be done by the specialist and they must agree to a “shared care agreement” that allows the practice to seek help from them at any time regarding the medication. These will all be at substantial cost (likely well over £2000).

Last modified: June 24, 2022