Moving Your ADHD Care to Claypath Medical Practice

At Claypath Medical Practice, we strive to ensure a seamless transition for patients moving to our surgery, whether from within the UK or overseas. Our procedure ensures that the standard of care is maintained and in alignment with our Shared Care Agreement outlined on the ADHD Treatment at Claypath: What You Need to Know page. Here’s what you need to know:

Transferring from Another UK Surgery

Initial Checks

  • Upon registering with us, we’ll perform all the necessary assessments and checks as we would for our existing patients to ensure a continued, high-quality care plan for your ADHD.

Shared Care Agreement

  • Provided the standards are met during the initial checks, we’ll proceed with establishing a Shared Care Agreement, ensuring your treatment continues without interruption.

Intervening Prescriptions

  • During the transition phase, it might be necessary for you to obtain your prescriptions from your psychiatrist until the Shared Care Agreement is in place.

Transferring from Overseas

Medication Supply

  • It’s crucial that you bring a sufficient supply of your medication to last while we conduct our initial checks and connect you to a UK psychiatrist, either privately or via the NHS.

Initial Registration

  • Contact us and register as soon as you arrive in the UK. This will enable us to initiate the necessary procedures to ensure continuity of your ADHD treatment.

Establishing a Shared Care Agreement

  • The process to establish a Shared Care Agreement can take several weeks. During this period, we generally will not be able to prescribe ADHD medication for you.

Engagement with UK Psychiatrist

  • We’ll assist in connecting you to a UK psychiatrist to evaluate your treatment plan and ensure it aligns with UK healthcare standards. This step is crucial for establishing a Shared Care Agreement and ensuring a smooth transition of care.

Getting in Touch

It’s imperative to get in touch with us and initiate the registration process early to ensure a smooth transition of your care. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the transition process or your ADHD treatment at Claypath Medical Practice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Last modified: October 10, 2023