The Great North Care Record

Improving healthcare in the North East

You may have heard that a new way to enable medical professionals to access patient records is being rolled out across the North East region to help provide better, safer care.

The Great North Care Record provides secure, real-time access to a summary of GP-held records for clinicians, so that they can make potentially life-saving decisions with easier access to your up-to-date GP medical records.

The new approach will include the sort of details that are already shared using slower methods of communication, like telephone calls and letters. The patient will be asked by the healthcare professional caring for them for consent to gain access to their records.

This could include details of medical conditions, medication, operations and treatment, tests that have been requested or carried out, and contact details for next of kin or other carers.

If a patient has chosen to opt out, the information will not be available to health professionals.

If patients have previously advised the practice that they do not wish to share their medical records e.g. via Summary Care Record, etc., this will continue to be respected until the practice is informed otherwise.

For patients who have not previously opted out from sharing their medical records but now choose to do so there is information in the link below on how to opt out, or they can obtain an opt out form from reception.

Everyone in the region will be included in this initiative if they do not choose to opt out. If you are happy to be included you do not need to take any action.

If you would like to find out more you can do so by clicking the following link:

or by:

– Telephoning
the Great North Care Record helpline on
0344 811 9587

– E-mailing

Last modified: February 15, 2019