Computer System Changeover

The practice is changing its main computer system between 8th and 16th July 2024.

During the changeover, several of our usual services will not be available. These include:

  • Repeat prescriptions – We ask any patients who anticipate needing a prescription during this period to request it early – before 12-noon on 5th July. After this, we will not be able to electronically send prescriptions, and there will likely be a significant delay in our ability to respond to requests.
  • Routine blood tests and health checks
  • eConsult & NHS App
  • Medical reports

We will still be offering appointments for patients who have a medical need that cannot wait until the new computer system is in place.

We thank patients for their understanding and support during this challenging period. We hope the new computer system will allow us to offer even better care in the future and improve the availability of services to patients.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Computer Changeover

Why is the change happening?

The current computer system that we use has been in place for over 15 years and no longer allows us to operate as efficiently as we would like to. The current system also does not link with the computer systems used by other parts of the NHS in the area. This means that we cannot easily see what care you are receiving from other parts of the system. As a result, we are not able to offer care as safely or as efficiently as we would like. The new computer system will overcome these problems.

Why does the change take so long?

Because of the size of the database of patient information that we have and because of how important it is to make sure that everything transfers over correctly, the process is done very carefully. Unfortunately, this takes time.

All of the information from the practice system at 8:30 PM on 5th July will be taken as a snapshot and, over the course of the following week, transferred to the new system. During this “changeover period,” we will not have access to the new system and will be recording information in the old system. However, the information we record will not be automatically transferred to the new system from this time. We will have to manually transfer over the information from this period once we are live with the new system.

Additionally, we will not have access to our usual systems for managing things like blood tests and electronic prescriptions. Consequently, to reduce the risk of mistakes, we are only offering an essential level of service. Once the changeover is complete, we will return to offering all of our usual services.

What if I am unwell during this time and need to see a doctor?

We are still able and happy to see patients who are unwell and need medical attention that cannot wait until the new system is fully installed. Please contact reception via telephone or in person, and we will arrange an appropriate appointment.

What if I need a repeat prescription during this time?

We will not be able to issue electronic prescriptions during this time. We can still issue paper prescriptions that can be collected from the surgery. However, because of the logistics of the changeover, it is extremely time-consuming to issue prescriptions. Therefore, we request that if you anticipate a prescription being required during this time interval, you request it well in advance, even if it is earlier than you would normally order it.

Can I send an e-consult?

No, during this time, the e-consult service will be turned off. If you need medical help, please telephone reception.

Can I request an urgent medical report for the University during this time?

We will not be able to issue urgent medical reports during this time period. Therefore, please anticipate a longer-than-usual delay for any requests that are made during this time. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Last modified: June 21, 2024