How to synchronise your repeat prescriptions

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What is synchronisation?

The aim is to order all the medication you have on repeat at the same time rather than different times throughout the month.

Why synchronise?

It saves time for you, your doctor and your pharmacist. Medication is less likely to be wasted and you are more likely to remember to take it.

When is not a good time to synchronise?

If your doctor is in the process of adjusting your medication or starting you on new medication he/she may prescribe smaller amounts of something. It is best to wait for your medication regime to be stable before you synchronise.

Why does repeat medication “go out of sync”?

This happens if medication is packaged in different amounts. For example, some tablets come in packets of 28 and others 30. Sometimes you may stop taking one or more of your medications for a short period.

I sometimes get a “back log” of medication, what shall I do with it?

If you are still taking the medication, check the expiry date and if it is in date, use it up and stop ordering temporarily. If it has expired take it back to the pharmacy.

Some people will not need all their medication each month. Common examples include painkillers, laxatives, warfarin and inhalers. Please do not request a prescription if you do not need it. If a pharmacist orders for you, please ask them to check with you before they order.

Ordering “on-line“ via the NHS app is recommended as the most reliable and safest way to order. It also saves our reception staff time, freeing them up to do other things like answer the telephone and deal with more complex problems. Please ask reception or your doctor to help you to register for online access.

So how do I synchronise my repeat prescriptions?

Please complete our simple form and when you next need to request an item. Your doctor will issue a “one off” prescription of the tablets you need to synchronise all your medication to within a day or two. This form is also available from reception.

Last modified: December 30, 2022