GLAD: Genetic Links to Anxiety and Depression Study

NIHR: BioResource.

An exciting opportunity to get involved in the largest ever study of anxiety and depression!

What is the GLAD Study?

The GLAD Study is a project set up to explore risk factors in individuals who have experienced depression and/or anxiety, including those with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, OCD, or related disorders, at any time in their lives.

It aims to better understand depression and anxiety in order to find and develop more effective treatments.  The GLAD study is also part of the NIHR BioResource, which is a library of information about people’s health aiming to support research in both physical and mental health.

Are you:

  • Aged 16+?
  • Living in the UK?
  • Experiencing clinical levels of depression and/or anxiety, or have experienced these in the past?

Find out more by going to

How do I take part in the GLAD study?

You can take part in the GLAD study by following the sign-up steps.  These are designed to be easy to complete and are:

  • Register on our website, and read the information sheet.
  • Provide your consent using our online form
  • Complete an online questionnaire to see if you are eligible. This takes around 30 minutes.
  • Send a saliva DNA sample through the post using the freepost envelope provided.

Once you have completed these steps you will be able to see information on the website about a number of optional questionnaires or other research studies that are being carried out.

Once you are enrolled in the GLAD study, you are free to withdraw at any time if you choose.

Who can I contact if I have any more questions?

If you are interested in joining the GLAD study but have more questions you can visit our FAQ page at

Alternatively you can contact us via:

Email:                       Facebook: @JoinGLADStudy

Freephone: 0800 634 4504                       Twitter: @GLADStudy

Phone: 0207 848 1638                               Instagram: @GLADStudy

Last modified: June 9, 2020