Covid Vaccination

Our surgery are delivering the COVID vaccine at the University Health Centre. We are following government guidance as to who we invite and vaccinate.

Can I book an appointment?

The national booking system allows any person in the eligible cohorts to book an appointment directly. The list of who qualifies can be found on the booking page.

Book a COVID Vaccine using the National Booking System

We are also vaccinating people at the surgery, but our supplies mean we can only vaccinate those we invite.

We are unable to accommodate bookings for any patients except those we invite due to the amount of vaccination we are giving to administer. Please do not phone reception to book a vaccine unless you have been invited by the surgery.

Who are we inviting?

We are inviting patients following the Joint Committee on Vaccinations and Immunisation priority list.

Second Doses

We will be inviting people for their second dose between 8 and 12 weeks after their first dose. If more than 11 weeks have passed since your first dose and you have not been sent an invite, please contact reception.

I had a reaction to my first dose, can I have a second dose?

Most people who have had a reaction to their first dose can still have their second dose. A small number of people who had a more serious reaction may need to have their second dose in a larger vaccine clinic. On page 21 of the Green Book Chapter 14a you will find a flow chart that we follow to decide who is suitable for a vaccination at our clinic. If you had a reaction to the first dose, please contact reception when you are invited to discuss this.

If you did have a reaction, please consider reporting it to the government who are analysing data on reactions.

Can different COVID vaccines be used for first and second doses?

Only in very specific circumstances can a different vaccine be given for a second dose. You can read more about those circumstances here.

How we are inviting patients

We will be inviting patients directly using text messages and phone calls.

Text messages will look like the picture below. We are aware of vaccine scams that may look very convincing. We will only ask for your date of birth to verify your identity. We will never ask for any other information or credit card details. If you are asked for this, it is probably a scam. If you have any doubt, call the surgery reception.

A sample invite message

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Last modified: May 23, 2021