22-23 COVID and Flu Vaccines

We are now delivering this year’s COVID and Flu vaccines.

This year we intend to give everyone their COVID and Flu vaccination at the same time. There is overwhelming evidence this is safe and effective. Our doctors had their vaccines at the same time last year and intend to do the same this year.

When we will be inviting patients

As with previous campaigns, we will be prioritising certain groups of patients and working down the priority lists.

All that are eligible are welcome to contact the practice if you have not already received a text, phone call or letter invite.
Eligibility includes;
Everyone over 50
Health or social care staff
Those who are pregnant
Those in an at risk group.

Autumn Booster eligibility

How we will be inviting patients

We will be sending SMS invitations to a self-book platform where you can directly book your appointment. This keeps our reception phone lines clear for our normal service.

For those who do not use a mobile or the internet please call the practice after 11 am to book in.

Which vaccine will we be giving

We expect to be giving the Moderna and Pfizer Bivalent COVID vaccine to almost all eligible patients this Autumn. This vaccine aims to provide immunity to both the original strain and omicron strain of COVID.

Currently it is the Pfizer Bivalent Vaccine that is in stock.

We are unable to give patients a choice over which vaccine they will be offered. We generally do not know for sure which vaccine we will be giving on a given day, as the supply is variable. We will not be able to advise you in advance about which vaccine we are giving, other than what is written above.

Please be assured that all vaccines we give are safe and effective for the patients receiving them.

Last modified: November 11, 2022