Vasectomy Clinic

The Claypath and University Medical Group has been running a successful “one-stop” shop vasectomy service for the last ten years from the Claypath Medical Centre, 26 Gilesgate, Durham  DH1  1QW.

All procedures are undertaken in the Claypath Medical Centre’s designated Minor Operations Suite.

The service is currently provided by Dr Jan Panke, General Practitioner with a Specialist Interest (GPwSI) in Vasectomies and Accredited Trainer for Non-Scalpel Vasectomy.

Dr Panke has performed over 350 vasectomies over the last 20 months, with only one known failure.

Dr Panke fully explains the procedure and associated risks to each patient prior to their consent.

What do patients need to know before agreeing to a vasectomy?

  • Vasectomy does NOT give immediate infertility.
  • Over 60% of patients will have a clear sample after 14 weeks.
  • It can (in rare cases) take over a year for samples to be entirely clear.
  • Patients with a clear sperm sample have a remaining risk of c 1:2,000 of fathering a baby.
  • There is a presumed failure rate of 1:700.
  • 1-2:100 patients may get problmes with infection or bleeding after the operation (other than minor bruising)
  • Two days bed-rest and two weeks no sport is advised after vasectomy to reudce the risk of bleeding.
  • Literature reports indicate a 1:20.000 – 1:50,000 risk of long term pain in the scrotum.
  • Vasectomy should be considered irreversible (a reversal has a success rate of 1:5, can cost in excess of £4,000, is not funded by the NHS).
  • Vasectomy Leaflet

What does the procedure involve?

  • injection of local anasethic into the skin in the midline of the scrotum
  • 1cm midline incision with a hyphrecator (electric knife)
  • injection of local anaesthetic into vas deferens (often experienced as a mild pulliing on the testis)
  • the vas is then pulled out of a small incision and about 2cm is cut out with cautery to both ends of the remaining vas (done on both sides)
  • usually no stitches are required for the initial incision
  • in most cases there is no blood loss.

Patients for whom vasectomy is suitable

  • Adult male patients
  • Patients who want permanent contraception
  • Patients able to tolerate local anaesthetic
  • Patients with no medical contraindications.

Patients for whom vasectomy is not suitable

  • Previous history/operation for torsion of testis;
  • Hydrocele;
  • Current epididymitis

Other anatomical abnormalities or operations in the scrotum should be mentioned in your GP’s referral letter to enable Dr Panke to see the patient before they are booked into an operating sessions i.e. varicoceles.

Should a patient be unsuitable, or an operation under local anaesthetic in the practice setting is contraindicated, the patient will be referred directly to the urologist in the hospital (unless specifically advised otherwise in the referral letter).

Waiting time for vasectomy

The Claypath Vasectomy Clinic aims to see and operate on patients within one month of referral where possible, often the waiting time is even shorter.

Last modified: February 13, 2019