Patient Subject Access Request Policy

We hold and process certain personal data about you to manage your health and to comply with NHS legislation and other statutory requirements. Our policy on data protection explains the type of data we hold about you.

Your Rights Under GDPR

As a patient, you have the right under GDPR to access your information. This means you can request to see any information we hold about you. Identifying the various types of information, we hold about you may take some time. We can take up to one month to collate this data and present it to you.

When you are given the data, you can ask us to remove or alter anything which is incorrect. You can, in some circumstances, ask for data to be destroyed. You may also withhold your consent to us collecting and processing data. You have the right to ask us what data we hold and why, who we share it with, and how long we keep it.

Requesting Information

Please understand that reviewing your requested information for third-party details is time-consuming for our team. Extensive requests can slow our response and divert attention from providing medical care. We appreciate it if you could limit your request to only the essential information needed.

Please use the below form to make your request. Give as much detail as you can about the type of information you are requesting to make our search as accurate as possible. If we require more information, we will ask you for it.

To ensure we comply with our duty of patient confidentiality; we require the form to be returned in-person to either of our sites, so we can verify the person making the request is the person to whom the data relates. If you do not have photographic ID, or you are unable to attend in person (e.g. you are housebound), please contact the surgery to speak to the practice manager so we can consider a suitable alternative approach to verifying your identity

Requests on Behalf of Another

There are limited circumstances where a request can be made on behalf of another person. In such circumstances, please contact the practice manager (via the reception phone line) to discuss whether that is permissible and how that request can be processed.

Download Subject Access Request Form

Last modified: April 4, 2024