Patient Subject Access Request Policy

We hold and process certain personal data about you in order to manage your health and social care records and to enable us to comply with NHS legislation and other statutory requirements.

Our company policy on data protection explains the type of data which we hold about you.

For the purposes of this Subject Access Request Policy examples of personal data that we will collect and process are:

  • Name, date of birth, NHS Number and contact details such as address.
  • Health records which include but are not limited to long term medical conditions, disabilities and any prescribed medication you take.This is not a complete list but is indicative of the data we will need to collect and process while you are under the care of the Claypath and University Medical Group.

As a patient you have a right under GDPR to access your information. This means that you can request to see any information that we hold about you.

Identifying the various types of information we hold about you may take some time. We can take up to one month to collate this data and present it to you.

You have the right to ask us what data we hold and why, who we share it with and how long we keep it.

When you are given the data you can ask us to remove or alter anything which is incorrect. You can in some circumstances ask for data to be destroyed. You may also withhold your consent to us collecting and processing data.

In order for us to protect your personal data we may request additional information from you after you submit a subject access request.

Please download the form below to make your request. Give as much detail as you can about the type of information you are requesting in order to make our search as accurate as possible. If we require more information we will ask you for it. This may delay our response time accordingly.

Claypath Patient Subject Access Request Form.doc

(Reviewed: 29 August, 2019)

Last modified: June 13, 2023