Our Nursing Team

We  have a large expert team of nurses working in the practice.

Nursing Team Leader
Andrea Picton is the Nursing Team Leader.  She is also a Nurse Practitioner and specialises in Chronic Diseases.

Nurse Practitioners
The Nurse Practitioners have received additional training and are qualified to examine, diagnose, treat and prescribe.  They are able to deal with many problems which previously would have required a Doctor’s appointment.  They are able to refer you to the Doctor if this is necessary.  Please ask reception if you are unsure.

Our team of five Nurse Practitioners include:
Andrea Picton,    Nurse Practitioner (Chronic Disease Specialist)
Jane Wrightson,  Nurse Practitioner
Beverley Storey, Nurse Practitioner
Lisa McCloskey,  Nurse Practitioner
Jeanette Armstrong, Diabetes Specialist Nurse/Nurse Practitioner

Practice Nurses
The core functions of the Practice Nurse are disease prevention, health promotion and chronic disease management.  All of our practice nurses have specialist training in these areas.  They provide the following services:
– Immunisation for children
– Pregnancy
– Travel
– Elderly Care
– Smear tests to prevent cervical cancer
– Contraception services including contraceptive implants
– Chronic disease annual reviews for Asthma, COPD, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke and Hypertension
– Management of cholesterol and cardiovascular disease risk

Our team of five Practice Nurses include:
Deborah Jones,   Practice Nurse
Adele Panter,      Practice Nurse
Aisling Dutton,   Practice Nurse
Meena Saji,         Practice Nurse
Rebecca Waters, Practice Nurse

Health Care Assistants
Our Health Care Assistants provide support services to the doctors and nurses e.g. blood tests, blood pressure, urine testing, assisting at minor operation.  In addition they undertake diabetic foot assessments, administer vaccines, remove stitches and deliver NHS Health Checks.

Our team of five Health Care Assistants include:
Rita Callan,               Health Care Assistant
Lynne Race,              Health Care Assistant
Hayley Winters,        Health Care Assistant/Trainee Nurse Associate
Leigh Robson,          Health Care Assistant
Katie Allen,               Health Care Assistant

Last modified: May 18, 2021