Non-NHS Fees

The following charges are effective from 1st August, 2016, for individual medical information requests.

Please note that company rates may be negotiable.  Please contact Cynthia Dunn on Tel: (0191) 386 5081.

Please note: Since the closure of the UK’s Cheque Guarantee Card Scheme on 30th June, 2011, the practice no longer accepts cheques.  We are, however, able to accept payment by credit card or cash. Individuals should, therefore, ensure they are able to make a credit card or cash payment when collecting any of the following non-NHS medical information requests.


(not requiring an assessment, examination or medical opinion) 

  • Private employment sick note
  • Letter to school (basic statement of fact)
  • Letters to third parties (basic statement of fact)
  • Travel certificate e.g. stating uneventful pregnancy and no reason to limit travel
  • Sports certificate to regulatory body with brief statement of fact
Claim Forms (patient’s request)   £30.00
  • Holiday cancellation
  • School fees insurance
  • Sickness benefit claim
  • Accident benefit
Medical Reports 

(patient’s request, medical opinion but no examination required) 

  • Fire arms certificate (new and renewal)
  • Scuba diving (no examination) i.e. PADI
  • Oxford and Cambridge forms
  • Camp America
  • Paris Marathon and other sports related forms (no examination required but opinion re suitability)
  • VSO
  • PGCE
  • British Council
  • Letters to third parties requiring detailed information and/or medical opinion
Power of Attorney (no home visit required)     £75.00
Durham University Medical Evidence Reports
Medical Examinations
All basic medicals £110.00 (+ costs of investigations required)  
Examples include:

  • DVLA, HGV, PSV, Taxi, etc.
  • Fitness to travel (if examination required)
  • Basic pre-employment
  • JET
  • Sports medicals + forms if examination needed
Medical Examinations 

Complicated medicals £180.00 (+ costs of investigations required)  

Examples include:

  • Detailed pre-employment
  • Confined space medicals

Last modified: November 25, 2019