Non-NHS Fees

The following charges are effective from 1st November, 2020, for individual medical information requests.

Please note that company rates may be negotiable.  Please contact Cynthia Dunn on Tel: (0191) 386 5081.

Certificates (statement of fact, without examination or an opinion)
For example: 
Application for Disability Support Allowance£20
All other certificates Private sick note Letters for schools, employers or other third parties£30
Claim Forms£35
For example: Travel insurance / Sickness benefit claim  
(Complex forms may be charged at a higher rate)
Medical Reports (not requiring any form of examination)
Durham University Medical Evidence Reports (Green Form)£50
Other medical reports, not requiring an examination: Application for firearms certificate/Camp America/Statement of no known contraindication to activity based on medical records and without an examination (e.g. fitness to partake in a marathon, scuba diving, sky diving, attending the gym etc.)£60
Medical Examinations
DVLA/Taxi medicalPre-employment medical/JET medical/Sports medicals when an examination is required  
£115 (+ costs of any investigations required)
More complex medicals, including detailed pre-employment and confined space medicalsFee to be confirmed on request
Private Investigations
Phlebotomy (taking blood) for private tests£35 (plus cost of test if applicable)

Last modified: October 30, 2020