Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

Measuring your blood pressure at home often gives a more reliable result than checking it at the surgery.

Sending us your measurements

Please use our home monitoring chart below to record the results correctly. Only send in your measurements if a doctor or nurse asks you to.

Download the Home BP monitoring form (PDF) Download the Home BP monitoring form (Word/ODT)

Please email the results to: claypath.a83011@nhs.net.

Buying or Loaning a machine

Monitors can be very cheaply purchased online or in supermarkets or pharmacies. The British Heart Foundation has endorsed a selection of monitors. For your ease we have found a few of them online should you want to purchase them.

We also have a supply of machines that you are able to borrow free of charge for a short time from the surgery. Please contact reception at Claypath if you wish to arrange to borrow one.

Omron M2 Basic£29 (Amazon Argos)

Last modified: April 5, 2024