Durham University Medical Evidence

If you require medical evidence for your college or academic team, if you have not already, you will need to speak to a GP to seek medical advice for the issue you are concerned about.

There is a fee associated with this process as it is not an NHS service to provide medical evidence about you to the University. The fees are listed elsewhere on this website.

Once you have seen a GP and agreed that medical evidence can be provided, you need to complete a “Green Form” . This grants your consent for the doctor to disclose information about your medical condition to the university.

Download Medical Evidence Request Form

Please email the completed form to: medicalinsurance.reports@nhs.net

You can complete the form using Adobe Acrobat Reader – instructions can be found here – or by printing it out.

Our team will contact you once we have the form to discuss payment.

Last modified: March 2, 2021