Care Coordination

Care Coordination at Claypath & University Medical Group

Care Coordination in Primary Care

Is Care Coordination for you?

Our Care Coordinator is here to work with patients who require additional help and support in managing their care.

Care coordinators provide extra time, capacity, and expertise to support patients in managing or chasing appointments, preparing for clinical conversations or in following up discussions with primary and secondary care professionals.

These staff are not clinically trained but work closely with the GPs and other primary care colleagues to ensure that appropriate support is made available to patients and their carers (if appropriate), making sure that their changing needs are addressed.

Do you:

Need help to contact appropriate care professionals?

Have multiple, complex or long term health conditions?

Live with frailty?

Need information on the health care system or your condition?

Manage multiple appointments?

Contact us

If any of the above sounds familiar, it may be useful for you to speak to our Care Coordinator.

Call reception and ask to speak to the Care Coordinator


Email the Health and Wellbeing team with your name and telephone number and we will contact you:

Last modified: November 25, 2021